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SPread Cheese, SpreadLove


President Cheese


360 Campaign


Connect President with an American Market to popularize the brand stateside. 

Consumer insight:

Americans often look to the French for tips on love, and French people love cheese.

Brand insight:

If the French love cheese, then it follows that cheese should be synonymous with love. President, the cheese brand that the French people love most, is the perfect candidate to lead this campaign. 

Untitled design.png
Untitled design copy.png

Rather than chocolate valentines, why not cheese? In a limited edition release, President will set up a pop up stand selling heart shaped boxes of assorted best-selling cheeses. They also will provide the "print ad" valentines for visitors to write on in an effort to #spreadlove .

As a leading cheese producer in the place that loves cheese best, we decided to bring this lactose love affair to a new market. The French love Président, and Président is here to spread that love with the world.

TRANSIT: NYC Subway cars, lines 7, 1/2/3, and a full takeover of the S train shuttle. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at
Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at

L-O-V-E takeover:a 24 hour "redesign" of the Iconic love statue in NYC. Heart shaped boxes will also be available for purchase in a

setup booth. 

@Aly Scoffield

Art Direction:)

@Annabelle Peterson Art Direction

Social Media: a themed filter for snapchat and Instagram stories with the hashtag #spreadlove.

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